Aerial surveying and inspections using drones is a convenient, safe, and low cost alternative to traditional methods, whether it is inspections of industrial areas, job sites, infrastructure, or residential buildings.

We can coordinate with other professionals, or provide images ahead of inspections and surveys to streamline the process, or give you a head start in the crucial early stages of design and planning.

UAVs are fast becoming the leading solution for mapping land, producing high quality aerial photography of property and infrastructure, and for inspections in a vast range of industries.


We can vastly reduce the time spent collecting accurate data in the form of 4k geo-referenced digital aerial film, and the highest quality, raw photographs.

Whirlyrig eliminates the necessity for you to work at height, or in hazardous situations, mitigating liability exposure, and we are invaluable when it comes to properties that are extensive, difficult to reach, or restricted, and for roof inspections.

… and with data collection this simple, you can focus your expertise on using and analysing data, rather than gathering it.

  • Farms and Estates
  • Rural residences
  • Commercial premises
  • Retail parks
  • Leisure outlets
  • Hotels/ Holiday rentals
  • Cultural/ Historical Buildings


We can significantly improve upon management, planning and operational efficiency for the vast tracts of land involved in agriculture and forestry. We can assist in estimating yields, monitoring and supporting projects, and even documenting losses more efficiently for insurance claims.

Our photogrammetry solutions are of particular value within these industries. Rather than conducting surveys by walking around areas or stock piles with a GPS, we can fly over the area, taking hundreds of photographs in minutes, and produce geospatially correct 3D models of the site.

  • Research and Development
  • Soil and field analysis
  • Crop monitoring
  • Crop/ ecosystem health assessment
  • Change monitoring
  • Mapping
  • Impact event assessment and response
  • Inventory Assessment for valuation
  • Documenting for Insurance claims
  • Facilitating rapid, targeted response to impact events
  • Conservation research and support
  • Surveys
  • Environmental impact assessment


We offer faster, safer, more accurate inspection of utility facilities, all while providing permanent visual records of the inspection itself, and avoiding interruption to services.

  • Surveying and Inspections
  • Mapping
  • Vegetation reporting
  • Routine maintenance support
  • Mitigating liability exposure
  • Documenting for Insurance claims
  • Development Scouting
  • Facilitating rapid, targeted outage response


The oil and gas industry is dependent upon its high, live and difficult to reach structures, so aerial inspection using drones is a natural solution. We can reduce your liability exposure, increase worker safety, and increase your inspection accuracy and frequency, all while saving you money! In the event of a spill or impact event we can facilitate rapid and targeted response, and mitigation.

  • Flare Stacks, underdeck, towers, chimneys, and more
  • Surveying and Inspections
  • Mapping
  • Mitigating liability exposure
  • Routine maintenance support
  • Documenting for Insurance claims
  • Facilitating rapid, targeted outage response


Say goodbye to helicopters, planes, balloons, and kites. ‘Drones’ can survey historical and archaeological sites more efficiently and less expensively than traditional survey methods, and at higher resolution. We have highly portable platforms, suitable for the most inaccessible sites. As well as our standard, high-quality imagery of sites and buildings, we can also collect photogrammetry data, allowing us to provide scientifically accurate maps, models and images for research, development, and educational purposes.

  • Surveying and Inspections
  • 3D models of sites
  • Pinpointing new excavation sites and areas of interest.
  • Highly portable solution
  • Archaeological geo-referencing and mapping
  • Affordable data capture
  • Project monitoring and support.
  • Change monitoring
  • Impact event assessment and response
  • Surveys


We can help improve management and safety on construction sites by supporting workers, and replacing inefficient and expensive machinery and tools. Moreover, we can provide permanent visual records of findings and developments. And with visual representation of progress and setbacks, project-wide communication is more effective, saving time and money.

  • Development sites, Bridges, Quarries, Mines and more.
  • Documenting for Insurance claims
  • Visual progress reports
  • Precision mapping
  • Volumetric Analysis
  • Stockpile and excavation volume mapping
  • Enhancing safety practices
  • Improving communications with visual data


Transportation systems often span vast areas, and demand the highest safety standards. We can support and coordinate with workers and professionals already employed in a project, as well as replacing inefficient or expensive machinery. For example, we can provide a safe and efficient first audit of an Airport or Railway roof, allowing targeted measures for future surveys, maintenance, and inspections. Our photogrammetry solutions have proven to be of particular value within these industries.

  • Rail, Roads, Ships, Airports
  • Surveys
  • Internal and External Inspections
  • Documenting for Insurance claims
  • Visual progress reports
  • Mast inspections
  • Precision mapping
  • Improving communications with visual data


Imagine if assessments and claims could be processed in days rather than weeks, and at a fraction of the cost. We can respond rapidly to damage claims, giving an immediate survey, and 4K, permanent visual records that leave no room for semantics. Moreover, Whirlyrig eliminates the necessity for adjusters to work at height, or in hazardous situations, mitigating liability exposure. Our drones are particularly useful if the insured property is extensive, difficult to reach, or restricted, and for roof inspections.

  • Internal and External Inspections
  • Fighting Fraud
  • Risk Evaluation and Monitoring
  • Damage inspections and evaluation
  • Documenting for claims
  • Mitigating liability exposure



Whilryrig can do the job of a helicopter, jib, dolly, and elevated platform, saving time, money and resources.

We can save tens of thousands of pounds compared to hiring a helicopter.



Whirlyrig can operate so efficiently and flexibly, that we capture more footage in a day than any of the more traditional methods, such as dollys. expensive helicopters, jibs, or elevated platforms.

We can have our system set-up and ready to shoot within minutes.


Whirlyrig mitigates requirement for people to be placed in potentially dangerous situations, such as at height, or in hazardous spaces.

Risk assessments, analysis of location airspace and pre-site and on-site surveys are completed before every operation.

GPS technology and in-built fail-safes in every UAV.


We offer multiple shoot packages to suit you, as well as incorporating standard ground footage where required.

We have highly portable UAV options, meaning that nowhere is too far, remote, or inaccessible for us to fly.

With fully programmable flights we can repeat the exact path of a shot at a later date.

“We offer more versatility than traditional filming methods. We can operate in tight indoor spaces, or outdoors from a couple of feet to 400ft above ground level, as well as replacing jib, crane, and cable cameras.”



Zero carbon emissions, and environmentally friendly compared to most traditional methods.



Our pilots are trained and experienced. We carry worldwide public liability insurance of £5 million, professional indemnity, and more. Most importantly we are licensed and approved by the Civil Aviation Authority, a legal requirement for any commercial UAV activities.

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Whirlyrig provide professional aerial filming, photography, and inspection services, using ‘drones’. Fully insured, licensed, and certified by the CAA. Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Europe, and Worldwide.




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