Title Woodland Creation Case Study

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Our hometown is Hexham in Northumberland, so we were thrilled at the prospect of working with our fellow Hexhamites. Or would it be Hexhamers, or Hummies, like Brummies? Anyway, moving on.

Alongside manufacturing a huge array of wood products, and managing their own sites, Egger also offers comprehensive forest management services to privately owned estates. They cover every stage of planning and stewardship, from initial tree planting, right through to tree felling. This is a fantastic way for farmers and landowners to diversify, see short-term positive cashflow, and benefit from long-term capital appreciation, all without worrying about the process, or taking on the extra workload.


For this woodland creation case study Egger were planting a modern multi-purpose forest with a high level of biodiversity, including specifically designed hunting areas for barn owls. Over two days of filming, we were tasked with capturing aerial footage of the various activities which contribute to forest creation, including surveying, mulching, forest ploughing, fencing, power line surveys, mounding, draining, and eventually tree planting.


With unforecasted winds of up to 20 mph, it’s safe to say that the weather did not play nice on the first day of filming. Nevertheless, we were able to let the Whirlyrig loose during quieter spells, and delivered the required footage. Happily, the second day of filming was much calmer, so we could stay airborne for longer. We received a fantastic testimonial from Egger, and look forward to working with them in the near future.

For the finished video, and a behind the scenes montage, see:


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